7th floor, Block B, Hamra Square, Hamra street, Beirut, Lebanon

Our Ambition

Green Gold aims to become a leading player in the Agriculture Sector in the Middle East and North Africa. Our ambition is to be the preferred supplier for growers in need of various agricultural solutions.

Our strategy

  • To be close to the markets where we operate, Green Gold establishes local organisations. This ensures direct marketing and technical support to our customers, especially the growers.
  • Green Gold is committed to improving and enhancing customers’ output and yield, as well as providing the know-how for the best use of scarce natural resources. With this approach, we can maximise benefits to our customers and provide excellent after-sales service.
  • Green Gold’s strategy is to specialise in marketing and sales of top agricultural technologies by partnering with world-leading suppliers.
  • Green Gold’s strategy also involves diversifying its portfolio and expanding its geographical presence in the Middle East and North Africa. Consequently, Green Gold offers customers in various markets a range of products including seeds, crop protection, fertilisers, machinery, and public health solutions.
  • Green Gold’s strategic approach is to continuously develop its people capabilities by hiring experienced teams that contribute to the growth of the private market in many MENA countries.